Try something different for your next holiday

Try something different for your next holiday adventure?

Try a Working Holiday, become an Eco-Tourist, Wild Forest Camping, Experience living off grid? Go Kayaking? Learn about Permaculture and Lavender?

Sunbath on a secluded drift wood beach. Step back in time to a simpler life?

Experience Rural Portugal?

For lovers of nature, walking/cycling, in the scented Pine and Eucalyptus forests is unforgettable, pure clear air.

Try the EcoPista do Dao, a cycle trail situated on an abandoned railway track, stopping off for a swim in the Rio Mondego.

For lovers of good food, the Beira area has famous vineyards, sheep and goat cheese festivals.

On the outskirts of the local village are secluded river beaches, only 2.5 km distance. A ten-minute drive from the farm takes you to the resort and lakes of Senhora da Ribeira, the watersports of Mortagua, and local Spa resorts are close by.

Or you can just relax, and enjoy peace and quiet in the sunshine of Portugal.