The International BioChar Inititative is investigating BioChar as an approach to Carbon sequestration, it has the potential to help mitigate Climate Change. Currently we are in talks with Coimbra University for them to carry out scientific research on our farm into the benefits of this product.

We are particularly interested in the in the structure of BioChar, it is created in an oxygen deprived burner, at over 500 degree. This creates a honeycombe structure within the remaining structure of the wood, which retains the moisture and nutrients essential for plant growth. Some studies have shown a 300% increase in plant growth by using it as a soil additive.

We have had a burner made in the village, and we use it to help clear our overforested land. The BioChar is then used when we are planting our lavender.

In the Autumn of 2017 we will also be using it in the structure of our HugelKulture vegetable beds.