What we can offer you

Lavender Wood

We can offer you a unique holiday, you can learn about Permaculture, help build an eco-structure, harvest Lavender, or help with BioChar research.
Situated on the outskirts of a village, the only traffic you hear is the local farmer going to tend his bees once a day, and the passing of sheep’s bells.
We are a startup Permaculture and Lavender project, covering 3-hectares of varied terrain, flat meadows, granite outcrops, ancient stone walls, and forested slopes. In the summer we have an abundance of fruit, Hazelnut, Peach, Olive, Apple, Plum, Fig, Pear, Cherry, plus areas of newly planted citrus trees.
We make BioChar, an ancient technology rediscovered as a soil additive, and use it to plant our specialist Lavender. A traditional Copper distil is used to create Essential Lavender Oil and Hydrosol.
Living Off Grid, with a 5kw Solar System, water mine and a well, we have built a Chicken tractor, and keep geese.
There is so much to do here, building compost toilets, solar showers, as well as planting fruit and vegetables in Hugel and raised beds. We have help from volunteers, and along with this we offer Educational and Working Holidays, where people can come to learn and get involved with Permaculture, Lavender, BioChar, or simply to experience Rural Portugal.